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Various art created by Steven Hatzakis

Blockchain Art

Steven Hatzakis is an early pioneer in the blockchain art market with his earliest Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) dating back to 2018, including one piece he minted on the Cryptographics platform titled “Crypto Colors” which was recently acquired by a prominent NFT artist.

Crypto Colors by Steven Hatzakis, is estimated to be worth nearly $10,000, as it is the #40 NFT minted on Cryptograpghics and considered pre-AG (Autoglyphs < #247 on the Cryptographics platform):

NFTs by Steven Hatzakis

Below is a sample of select digital pieces of art created by Steven Hatzakis that have been published to the Ethereum blockchain and listed on OpenSea and Mintable for sale:

This “wave” series was inspired by creating an XOR Cayley Lookup table using hex values which were computed by hand, and then color-coded and then scaled into a large number of values before editing the final designs in GIMP, using animation and distortion filters.

The following series, Abstract Creature, was created through the use of large palindromic integers to arrive at perfectly symmetrical abstract designs:

Physical Artwork

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New York City Horse Under Milky Way [SOLD to a private collector for $1000]

Acrylic on Canvas: 47 in x 47 in x 1.5 in (119.38 x 119.38 cm x 3.81 cm)

This is an upcycled collaborative piece between Steven Hatzakis and an unknown artist. The private collector that bought this piece has subsequently donated it to Covenant House in New York where it is currently on display in the Youth Development Area.

Planet Earth [SOLD to a private collector for $700]

Planet Earth by Steven Hatzakis was Sold to a private collector while on exhibit at Central Art Gallery in New York City on 73rd and Columbus in Manhattan on July 27th 2017.

Acrylic on canvas: 100 x 70 cm (39 in x 28 in)