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About Steven Hatzakis: A Leading Figure in Fintech Industry Research

Hi, I am Steven Hatzakis, thanks for visiting my website. This page is mainly about some of my work, present and historical, including contractual/advisory (portfolio) and select published work. For a categorical description of my services, to learn more click here.

Background of Steven Hatzakis: Deep on the Frontlines of Fintech Industry Research

I started my career in finance in foreign exchange (forex) sales in 1998 and have nearly 24 years of experience in financial services (Finserv) and working for Financial Technology (Fintech) companies.

  • I am a registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) and maintain a Series III license with the National Futures Association (NFA) as a Registered Commodity Services Representative.

Since 2016, I’ve been the voice of ForexBrokers.com (A Reink Media Group brand/company), heading the research and content process through a rigorous data-driven approach that produces the most trusted and non-bias online broker reviews. I also had the pleasure of leading the research process for our sister company StockBrokers.com which published our findings in early 2021. My content is read by millions of people each year, and I’m grateful to work alongside amazing people at Reink Media Group as we strive toward our mission of putting people before profits.

Interview with Steven Hatzakis, recorded during Reink Media Group’s annual company retreat in September 2022, in Holden Beach, North Carolina:


Before joining Reink Media in 2016, I published financial industry news on FinanceMagnates.com, and technical analysis on foreign exchange and derivatives market prices for regulated online multi-asset brokers.

  • I’ve also authored software user manuals for online trading platforms, including e-books, numerous web pages, technical white papers, and research on related company websites.
  • I develop software and have contributed to open-source code repositories, such as on Github.com.

I’ve provided content writing services while advising and consulting on public relations (PR) strategy for independent service providers (ISPs), including writing press releases for news announcements.

I also have served as an advisor to blockchain start-ups within the Fintech community, specializing in global capital markets (foreign exchange, securities, and derivatives) and alternative investments, including digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and emerging cybersecurity and industry best practices.  

  • I also research cryptography concerning the new rise of digital assets and the emerging blockchain economy and am a contributor to several open-source projects, including the WorldWideWeb Consortium (W3C) Crypto repository (Cryptography API) on GitHub.

Since 2007, I’ve attended over 40 finance industry events. I am passionate about blockchain projects that pose to be socially transformative and the exploration of new structures of governance models used within public and private social networks that rely on cryptographic assets held by users.

You can see more about my background and connect with me via LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/shatzakis 

I’ve been quoted by Minyanville, an Emmy-award-winning publication, for my post in 2013 about bitcoin arbitrage and cryptocurrency market inefficiencies which appeared on Yahoo Finance:

I’m in the top 500 Twitter rankings for Foreign Exchange according to Agilience as July 2020.

Current Projects:

Steven Hatzakis joins Reink Media:  https://www.reinkmedia.com/2016/09/steven-hatzakis-joins-reink-media-as-global-director-of-research-forex-futures


A sample of the content I wrote as Editor for FinanceMagnates.com (🎥 Video):

Guest articles I wrote for YieldStreet – a U.S. Registered Investment Adviser (RIA):

I am a native New Yorker with international work, living, and travel✈ experience. 


Since 2007📅, I’ve attended 34 industry events in both the U.S. and Internationally:

    • NIBA Conference NY (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)
    • NIBA Conference Chicago (2007, 2011)
    • CTA Expo Conference Chicago (2011)
    • FX Week USA NY (2008, 2009) [Exhibitor]
    • Traders Expo NY (2010, 2011) [Exhibitor]
    • Traders Expo NY (2008, 2009, 2012,2019)
    • Traders Expo Las Vegas (2009) [Exhibitor]
    • 12th Annual Business Banking Chicago (2007) 
    • FIA Expo Chicago (2007) [Exhibitor]
    • SIFMA eTrading Conference NY (2007)
    • SIFMA Technology Conference NY (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)
    • Lightspeed Financial Golf Classic Charity Event CT (2011) [Guest]
    • NIBA Conference NY (2012) [Panelist Speaker]
    • iFX Expo Cyprus (2012)
    • Geneva Forex Event March (2014) [Member of media]
    • iFX Expo Cyprus (2014) [Exhibitor, Moderator Speaker]
    • iFX Expo Hong Kong (2016)
    • FIX Americas Briefing New York (2016) [Member of media]
    • Empire Startups Fintech Event New York (2016) [Member of media]
    • Finance Magnates London Summit (2016)
    • iFX Expo International Cyprus (2017) [Moderator Speaker]
    • Fintech Week New York Blockchain Event (2017)
    • ICO Conference New York Event (2017)
    • Finance Magnates London Summit (2017) [Sponsor]
    • iFX Expo Hong Kong (2018) [Moderator Speaker/Media Partner]
    • EMBCA, NYC (2018) [Speaker/ Panelist]
    • Blockhous: Cryptoanalytics, NYC (2018) [ Speaker/ Panelist]
    • Finance Magnates London Summit (2018) [Moderator/Sponsor]
    • Finance Magnates London Summit (2019) [Moderator/Sponsor]
    • iFX Expo Asia, Macao, (2020) [Moderator/Sponsor] postponed due Coronavirus
    • New York Traders Expo (2020) [Moderator/Speaker]
    • Virtual Vision Finance (2020) [Moderator/Speaker] 
    • Finance Magnates Virtual Summit (2020) [Moderator/Speaker] 
    • IMH 2nd Forex Cyprus Summit (2021) [Speaker]
    • Finance Magnates London Summit (2021) [Moderator/Sponsor]
    • iFX Expo Asia, Bangkok, Thailand (2022) [Speaker] 
    • Finance Magnates London Summit (2022) [Moderator/Sponsor]

Media coverage excerpts in reverse chronological order:

CME Group sponsored this panel at the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX): https://www.theniba.com/recap-forex-exchange-traded-or-cash-april-18-2012-new-york-city-conference

🎥🎤  Video recap of the panel I moderated during the 2014 iFX Expo International:

Media Coverage📰 📷 from 2017 iFX Expo International:

🎥🎤  video recap of a fintech panel I moderated about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Automation during the 2017 iFX Expo International:

🎥🎤  video recap of a fintech panel I moderated about marketing during the 2017 iFX Expo International:

🎥 🎬 Television interview on Dukascopy TV in Switzerland, as an Editor for FinanceMagnates:  

📷 On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) during the market opening:


🎥 🎬  Moderating a panel about digital assets in Asia at the 2018 iFX Expo in Hong Kong:  


Video iFX Expo Hong Kong 2018 Panel: ICOs in Asia: New Era Or The Beginning Of The End

Following a talk hosted by the EMBCA that I participated in, the National Herald wrote about our discussion about cryptocurrencies: https://www.thenationalherald.com/192136/embca-blockchain-bitcoin-cryptocurrencies-discussion/


Talk during a New York State Senate Round Table on Cryptocurrency and the Bitlicense:

The panel about Retail Forex Brokers After ESMA, moderated at the Finance Magnates London Summit in November 2018:

Gitcoin: I became an Ambassador for Gitcoin, a transparent bounty marketplace for open-source software developers to fund issues and bounties to improve open-source code and develop blockchain program applications, with a focus on blockchain and the cryptocurrency community: https://medium.com/gitcoin/introducing-the-gitcoin-ambassadors-7eddb5f4d507

In December 2018,  I agreed to help lead Financial Commission‘s Blockchain Expert Committee: https://financialcommission.org/2018/12/04/financial-commission-appoints-steven-hatzakis-as-head-of-blockchain-expert-committee and wrote an open letter to fellow committee members in January 2019: https://financialcommission.org/letter-from-steven-hatzakis-head-of-blockchain-expert-committee/

To learn more about the Blockchain Association, click here.

On February 18, 2019, I published the 3rd ForexBrokers.com Annual Review live from Detroit: https://twitter.com/i/moments/1097891450061275137

Writing for BCAVentures.com, I published this article about consumer cybersecurity in Hackernoon on March 29, 2019: https://hackernoon.com/the-future-of-staying-safe-online-now-c078e740e0f

Video recap of the panel I moderated at the Finance Magnates 2019 London Summit:

The 4th Annual Forex Broker Review

In February 2020, I had the honor of publishing the 4th annual forex broker review on ForexBrokers.com and accepted the opportunity to help assist in leading the annual review for StockBrokers.com, a sibling brand under our parent company Reink Media Group:

New York Traders Expo 2020


In early March 2020, I had the pleasure of moderating a panel at the New York Traders Expo on behalf of StockBrokers.com, reviewing the results of our Best Online Brokers 2020 review, with representatives from several US online brokerages including Fidelity, TradeStation, and Lightspeed.


In June 2020, I had the pleasure of moderating a virtual panel at the Virtual Vision Finance conference:

In April 2021, I was invited to talk at the 2nd Cyprus Forex Summit, a virtual event organized by IMH Business, with coverage afterward in local media publication Gold News Cyprus


2nd Cyprus Forex Summit 2021

I was invited to moderate another panel at the Finance Magnates London Summit 2021 “Analyzing Trader Activity: Where is the Alpha on November 17, 2021: 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is FMLS-2021-Steven-Hatzakis-panel-1024x1024.jpg

Live recording of the session “Where is the The Alpha” at Finance  Magnates London Summit 2021: 

Video recording from the iFX Expo Asia 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand:

To see a full list of the projects and companies I support, connect with me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/shatzakis/