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BIP39 Mnemonic Tool by Steven Hatzakis

About the Reversible (Palindromic) Mnemonic BIP39 Tool

This open-source application scans through the theoretical message space (2^132 - 2^256, depending on whether its 12 or 24 words) of regular mnemonics in order to search for ones that are compliant with BIP39 when the words are also put in reverse order. This BIP39 Palindromic Mnemonic Tool uses cryptographically-secure randomly-generated entropy, to find reversible recovery phrases (mnemonics) that are BIP39-compliant in terms of checksum (even after the words are put into reverse order and will lead to a separate crypto vault).


For more information see the official BIP39 specification.

BIP39 Reversible Recovery Phrase Generator Tool

STEP 1: Select the word count:

OPTIONAL: Insert entropy in the form of a 0x-padded hex string of length 32 (for 12 words) or 64 (for 24 words):


STEP 2: Click the button below to search for reversible BIP-39 compliant mnemonic: